Monday, 8 September 2014

Out of Africa - Down to the River

Stage three of my travels in Zimbabwe involved a long drive to Msuna Island on the Zambezi river where we stayed for several nights in an adorable self-catered lodge by the water's edge. Ready to spend a few days relaxing on a pontoon we arrived in time to see the beautiful sunset over the river.

The Zambezi river is a huge body of water and the resort at Msuna gives you a wonderful outlook over the water across to Zambia. The banks of the river are full of colour and life, plants thrive and it appears so different from large parts of the country which are pretty dry.

It was truly my idea of a haven away from the bustle of normal life. Each morning we would wake up and have a hearty breakfast before setting out on the boat. I would take my book and sit in the sunshine enjoying the gentle movement of the boat whilst J would fish till lunchtime. At the hottest part of the day we would lounge about inside or else go for walks in the shade of the trees on the island. 

J did manage to persuade me to try my hand at fishing and I would say that I was fairly successful! It definitely isn't that easy but it was very satisfying to actually catch something by myself.

I think my favourite thing about Zimbabwe is without a doubt the wildlife there, it is so rich in plant and animal life. Not too far from the river is a spot with a giant baobab tree which J took me to see, it is truly a majestic sight - it was enormous. I look tiny in comparison to the trunk and you can't even appreciate how tall it actually was in this photo. If you are a fan of wildlife and get the opportunity to travel to anywhere in Africa then you are in for a real treat!
I'd love to visit elsewhere in Africa, has anyone been to any countries they fell in love with?

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