Thursday, 28 August 2014

Currently in August

On my old blog, Love Live & Learn (which is still up online if you do ever feel like reading it, I couldn't bring myself to delete it) I used to write a series called 'Currently' which detailed everything I had been doing and loving for that month. Personally, I always enjoy hearing what people are currently into and monthly favourites are some of my favourite videos to watch on Youtube. Who doesn't like getting a little inspiration from others?

It's a simple concept but as I enjoy both writing and reading these posts I thought that I would start it up again on here. I'm a girl who loves her routine and a bit of continuity never hurt anyone. I know August is almost over but here are what I've been loving this past month:


I've just finished reading The Story of Childhood: Growing Up In Modern Britain by Libby Brooks which is one of the texts on my preliminary reading list for my course. It's a really interesting and enjoyable book to read. Split into nine chapters, each one dedicated to a different child following their lives over a few months, it is made up of a mix of personal stories and childhood and education studies which the writer approaches with a refreshing lack of bias. I've just started reading Donna Tartt's The Secret History which I've been meaning to read for a while, there will be a review up when I've finished it!

Listening to...

Cara Dillon's album Hill of Thieves. My parents recently attended The Cambridge Folk Festival where Cara Dillon was performing. My dad thought I'd like her music and he was spot on. I know folk music is not everyone's cup of tea but she has such a light pure tone and I find her music really gentle and relaxing to listen too. I think The Parting Glass is my current favourite song from the album.


Anyone who knows me will know that The Great British Bake Off is possibly my all time favourite TV show. I love pretty much everything about the programme, it is so quaint, the setting is so pretty, the judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are brilliant (I have most of MB's cookbooks), Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc are hysterical, and lets face it who doesn't like a good bit of cake? As much as I love the Bake Off though, there has been something I watched which has joined my list of favourite films. I can't quite believe I had never watched The Dead Poet's Society but with the passing of Robin Williams, a wonderful man and actor who was a real part of my childhood, I felt like it was the perfect time to watch it. I really enjoyed it and the ending had tears streaming down my face.


I know we are not supposed to admit to this but I'm quite enjoying the autumnal feeling in the air. Please don't think for a second that I enjoy being cold, I definitely don't! I will miss the warmth of the summer we had this year in the UK and I love the long days and the bright blue skies. But I adore the changing of the seasons, that ever forwards movement as the months pass by. I like the change that they bring and I like the feeling of a new season. I also have a soft spot for autumn and winter clothes; chunky knits, soft jumpers, scarves, cosy hats, coats and boots. I like that warm feeling you get from drinking a mug of hot chocolate, or those days when evenings are spent curled up in a blanket reading a book.

Looking Forward to...

With this being the last weekend of this month and the last weekend before I leave for Norwich, J (my boyfriend and partner-in-crime) and I are taking a little trip away to Northern Ireland which I have been getting quite excited about. We wanted to take some time away together before I leave and this seemed like the perfect solution. It'll be a long weekend of country walks, plenty of photography and pub lunches and I can't wait.

It's hard to imagine what my currently in September will look like as I'll be in a completely new place doing completely new things but check back in a month to find out!


  1. I'll have to check out Cara Dillon! xx