Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A New Step

So, if you have keen eyes and have read the bio on the right-hand side of my blog you'll have noticed that I refer to myself as a primary school teacher-in-training. This is because this September, (on the 8th!) I will be embarking on my year of teacher training through my Primary PGCE in Norwich. Having completed my undergraduate degree in June this is the next step in becoming a real 'grown-up'. Scary.

I have always adored working with children and this summer when I had an eight year old boy turn to me and say "I think you'd be a really good teacher. I'd like it if you could be my teacher" it confirmed that I am going down the right path.

Children are hilarious, children are fascinating and they are just so rewarding to work with so what better way to start than teaching them and filling their little heads with knowledge? 

New starts are always exciting but for me this year feels more exciting than usual, I finally feel like I'm finding my feet and setting myself up for the future! I'm excited to explore Norwich and take you with me, and I'm thrilled to start teaching.

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