Monday, 6 October 2014

October Goals

This is a few days late, I meant to have it up on the first of the month but time just seems to have gotten away from me so here it is anyway. For someone who has become accustomed to only having about six hours of prescribed, structured time it is a bit of a shock to the system to be out of the house from 8.10am to 5.40pm every week day. I've always had a lot of work to do but I could structure my days in whatever way suits me, now I have to try to fit what feels like a million and one chores and readings into a few hours each evening. So this month I'm trying to give myself more achievable goals, we'll see how that pans out...


// Read two new novels
This I didn't quite manage unfortunately, apparently even two novels was a tall order! I did succeed in reading the majority of Donna Tartt's The Secret History (I technically started it in August) which I absolutely adored. It is such a gripping tale of secrets and betrayal and it is beautifully written. I would fully recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading, it's on the lengthier side but it doesn't feel a page too long and it's bound to keep you captivated. I've recently started reading Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita but I'm not ready to give a verdict just yet as I'm only about 50 pages in.

// Bake something different
Having a new kitchen is always quite exciting even if it is only a little galley kitchen with very little surface area. However I did manage to bake some raspberry muffins this week which I kind of improvised from a vague recipe as I couldn't find anything that worked well with the ingredients we had. They were actually pretty tasty considering how basic they were.

// Workout properly twice a week

I feel like workout goals are quite often what I shove to the side, not because I don't think they're important but because they don't really have deadlines as such. Although I haven't managed to completely call this goal a success I have been working out a lot more than I was previously. My course is so full on that I'm pretty tired when I get home in the evening and after having made tomorrow's lunch and cooking and eating dinner I don't have the energy for a full workout session. Instead in the week I've been doing a small circuit of squats, modified push-ups and crunches each evening and then working out properly at least once on the weekend.

// Visit new places in Norwich

Definitely achieved this one! I've visited the Cathedral, I've eaten at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Loch Fyne, and I've checked out a bit of a Norwich institution: Biddy's Tea Room. I have plans to discover many more fun spots around the city.


// Take 5 minutes to stretch everyday
Now that I'm in school several days a week (so exciting, more on this soon) I'm finding that I'm getting quite stiff, possibly from spending a lot of my time crouching down or sitting in tiny chairs. In order to try to combat this I want to try a few simple stretches in the evening.

// Revise for and pass my audits!
As part of my teacher training this year I have to pass a Science audit and a Maths audit, both are roughly to GCSE level so I have the ability to pass but there is just so much I've forgotten. We do get a second chance to pass them next term but I really want to get them over and done with at the end of the month.

// Expand my teaching outfit collection
This goal does sound a little bit like an excuse to go shopping and I think my bank account is already groaning at me but I genuinely have a shortage of clothes which are classroom appropriate so I'm trying to build up a teaching wardrobe bit by bit.

// Build up my confidence to stand up at the front of the room
I've never lacked confidence with children, what freaks a lot of people out just seems to come naturally to me. What does make me nervous is the idea of having to stand up at the front of a classroom with the class teacher, two other teaching assistants and another student all watching. It makes me really nervous. So I've got to try and spend the month building up my confidence with this and learn to not mind being observed.

There you have it, they may be rather basic but that's all I have time for on top of everything this course involves, it's crazy how busy we all are! Wish me luck!

Do you give yourself monthly goals? What are yours?

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